Commercial Services
  • Investment advice/ vineyard appraisals
    • A comprehensive viticultural appraisal is paramount prior to acquiring an interest in a vineyard property. Viticulture Horizons will prepare a consultant's report covering site appraisal, vineyard design, planting material, resources, productivity potential, quality potential and commercial elements as required including a grape supply contract review and industry overview.
  • Management performance of vineyard assets (quality / productivity / costs of production)
    • Are you an absentee vineyard owner or a wine company without a full-time viticulturist? If so, do you know if the returns from your investment are being optimized? Is your asset being appropriately looked after? The yield / quality relationship is one of the key commercial drivers of any vineyard investment. Viticulture Horizons will provide advice on how to meet the winemaker's quality expectations while optimizing vineyard returns through analysis of potential productivity and costs of production. Viticulture Horizons will supply one-off reports, monthly updates or a tailored schedule of visits that aligns with key seasonal events or the clients' needs.
  • Industry trends and reporting
    • The success of any viticultural enterprise is usually linked to overall industry performance, especially the dynamics between supply and demand. Viticulture Horizons can provide an overview of the grape demand environment which can assist with financial planning.
Viticulture Horizons will tailor advice for..

  • Vineyard tenure options (freehold, leasehold)
    • Wine company investments in vineyards can consume significant amounts of capital; capital which may be better utilised for other winery activities. Viticulture Horizons has significant experience in the option of vineyard leases which protects the wine company's desire to retain control of quality while providing stability of supply and cost.
  • Supply agreements
    • Having a robust supply agreement which is tailored to both the needs of the grape purchaser and the grape seller, is a critical commercial document. Viticulture Horizons can provide insight based on many years of experience on matters pertaining to grape supply relationships.
  • Grape pricing strategies (purchase or sale)
    • Explore the options - a range of terms and conditions may be used to meet the requirements of buyers or sellers.
  • Independent dispute resolution
    • With over 30 years of experience in the viticultural sector, Tony Hoksbergen, vineyard consultant, is well versed in equitable, solution focused dispute resolution.
  • Grape sourcing - grape acquisition to meet specific client needs
    • Do you need some grapes that meet a specific requirement but don't have the time? - Viticulture Horizons can conduct pre purchase appraisals focused on a range of quality assessment parameters including, vine balance, disease incidence, canopy attributes, irrigation practices, cropping levels and berry maturity backed up by qualitative taste assessment.
  • Budgeting (capital and operational)
    • Are you trying to plan a vineyard development and don't know where to start in terms of a development budget. Are you currently operating a vineyard that is marginally viable and are unsure if your costs reflect best practice?Ensure you get the right vineyard advice and optimize the return on your investment.
Viticulture Services
  • Site selection
    • The most critical element in becoming a successful producer of grapes is selecting the right site having regard to the production objectives you require. You usually only get one chance, so ensure you get the best advice! Tony Hoksbergen has been responsible for more than 2,000 ha of vineyard land acquisition and development.
  • Site development
    • Vineyard design: Having selected the right site, there are a host of decisions that have to be made prior to planting - varieties, rootstocks, planting distances, trellis types etc. Viticulture Horizons will provide advice based on years of experience including the following areas:
      • Trellising / training systems
      • Planting material (rootstocks, varieties and clones)
      • Irrigation
      • Frost protection options
  • Vineyard performance
    • One of the key drivers of financial success in any viticulture operation is an understanding of the balance between yield and grape quality. Meeting the winemakers' quality aspirations is vital in terms of customer focus but attaining the right yield parameter can ensure financial viability for the grapegrower. Viticulture Horizons can report on:
      • Grape quality and yield optimization (quality vs. productivity)
      • Financial performance - cost of production
      This service may be of particular interest to absentee vineyard owners, wine companies who do not have professional viticulturists, or parties who simply want to receive an independent perspective on what they are currently doing.
  • General viticulture advice
    • From time to time, a vineyard owner or grapegrower may want to explore options pertaining to one particular facet of their operations. Viticulture Horizons can draw on many years of experience to provide informative views on a wide range of viticultural topics including:
      • Pruning
      • Sustainability
      • Canopy management
      • Disease management
Other Operational Services
  • Corporate Governance
    • Compliance is a critical element of any business operation in today's commercial environment. Viticulture Horizons can provide an overview in relation to:
      • OH&S
      • Environment
Tony Hoksbergen, the viticulture consultant at Viticulture Horizons, welcomes the opportunity to discuss how any of the above services may be of value to the diverse groups of stakeholders in the wine industry.